Blackberry in the Black – Ripe or Rotten?

Blackberry, Formally RIM (Research In Motion), recently released news that they have not been selling as many new Blackberry X10 devices as they had originally hoped. This bodes badly for the once premier Smartphone maker. As the world of Smartphone’s changed over the past 10 years, Blackberry was slow to develop an App Marketplace and evolve with a touch screen that suited younger users. This has caused them to turn towards the world of mobile web development. For a company that has relied on smartphones that were based around security and less around mobile web development, it sounds a bit to say that Blackberry will be turning out a whole slew of professional grade security apps custom made by app developers from Blackberry.

The App will be called “Secure Work Space” and will give companies control over the data that flows over their networks on employee´s phones. App developers have figured out a way to let IT departments add or remove apps like calendars, contacts, intranets, and emails in a cornered off corporate section that will provide new security and new accountability for all members of the company. Mobile web development has changed in many ways, but Blackberry is betting on its own name brand which speaks to security and professional grade syncing and protection from Malware and other security bugs.

Perhaps this will be a period of change and evolution for Blackberry, or perhaps it will merely be an intermediary step as Blackberry tries to reclaim the market share that it has lost to new and cooler Smartphones running Android and iOS operating systems. App developers have never had it easy, but one thing is for sure: they will need to deliver an A+ product for Blackberry in order to help this floundering company regain some solid ground and nurse its wounds as it tries to win back its once loyal customers.

Blackberry says that the new mobile web development team will be providing premier level data security and enhanced email clients to Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Features will mimic those available to the current Balckberry X10 users, and we shall see how great the demand actually is.

So, is Blackberry ripe for the picking, with its new products and professional grade security? Or has the entire name gone rotten? Only time will tell. Keep your eyes out for the next mobile app development project from Blackberry, and take your pick.

App Ideas Wanted

To come up along with Valentines Day ideas for your boyfriend is not an easy task. Often women say that it is difficult to find the right valentines day gift for a man because he either already has actually everything, or maybe it just generally appears harder to find a gift for a man. But don’t give up. Get inspired by the tips in this article and you will get the perfect Valentines Day gifts for him. It’s all about really digging into what he might truly enjoy.

First of all, ask yourself a sincere question – what does he really like? What makes him smile? What gets him excited? Maybe he enjoys an old whisky or mature wine. Find for him a really good quality bottle and youll see how much he will appreciate it.

Maybe that your boyfriend, partner or husband enjoys movies. What genre or style he enjoys? Thrillers, horror, documentaries or silly comedies? Even if you dont share the movie taste, he will still be keen on seeing the DVD on his own. The gift can be fully enjoyed by himself.

One more superb “Valentines Day ideas for boyfriend” tip can be music that he loves. Have actually a look into his music collection. Very likely hes got a favorite band or singer. Probably there is an album of them missing. He would certainly certainly love it if you noticed it! Dont give up if has actually it all – the artist maybe made a song along with a person else, just look around for it. Every fan would certainly like that track as well.

Many men additionally relish reading specialized magazines or books. As mentioned before, you digg a little deeper into his interests and find something related that he does not have. Reading book reviews can help you to choose a good title.

One of my favorite “Valentines Day ideas for boyfriend” tips is bringing him a watch. A watch is a divine piece of jewelry for a man. It is something really special, something they are proud of, and even prouder when it comes from the heart of his lady!

Many men like stylish silver or golden watches but probably even more of them love sports watches. Mainly those along with a number of cool features. They will totally get into it and play around along with it the whole day. A watch is a great gift.

Most of the man love gadgets. Excellent idea can be Kindle (if he likes reading), wireless headphones, the latest iPod, GPS navigator or a cool digital camera. Find the latest models and you will never disappoint your man along with electronics.

Once you Have actually chosen the gift, wrap it nicely for him. You can wrap it the way that he will clearly recognize that it is from you or go for a “manly”, cool wrapping style. Any gift will look much more appealing to him when it’s wrapped well. It just grabs the attention, and he did not even see the gift yet.

And my last “Valentines Day ideas for boyfriend” advice: don’t forget to get him a card. This day is still about the message of love! Write something nice you really mean.

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I have been a person with a disability since the ripe age of sixteen. I am a quadriplegic with limited dexterity in my fingers. One day I decided I wanted to make an App. I researched a few websites but the cost to make an App was ridiculous. Anyone on a limited income can understand there is no margin for additional spending. I came across a site called buzztouch. I joined and the first thing I noticed was their videos for beginners like myself. I watched a few videos and thought to myself, I can do this! I could say I found buzztouch but I believe buzztouch found me.

First buzztouch provided me with a warm environment where I could be myself. I did not have to worry about people judging me at first sight because I am in a wheelchair. They could not see me! I could get out of my wheelchair, create an App in bed, and not worry about sitting in my wheelchair all day. I did not have to worry about bias and prejudice because of my disability. I am proud to be a person with a disability. Unfortunately, society does judge and discriminate against people with a disability. Society can stare at a person in a wheelchair as he or she goes to work or to the store. I did not have to worry about these things at buzztouch.

Secondly I can remember posting in the forums and within minutes a person responded. This person helped me understand everything I needed to create an App. After he took his time and gave me his e-mail address to help me individually, I posted in the forums, buzztouch has great customer service. This person responded, he was not from customer service but he was just volunteering his time and expertise. I thought wow! This person is volunteering his time to help someone like me, which knew nothing about building an App, to learn how to build an App. I like this concept!

Next I started my journey to build an App. How can someone like me, a quadriplegic, build an App with no experience. This is where buzztouch came in to assist me. They have all the tools to make it easier for a person with a disability to build an App. All I had to do, in their online control panel, was to pick which screen I wanted and they connected each screen for me. There was no coding for me to learn. Of course I had some bumps in the road but buzztouch and the community forms were there to answer all my questions and assisted me with each bump.

In conclusion, I created my first App for Android. This App was an informational App about Autonomic Dysreflexia which many quadriplegics get way too often. I was so excited to see my App get published in the market. I used my disability experience to create an App for people with a disability. Remember the guy I told you earlier in this article that first helped me at buzztouch? He has become a really good friend of mine. I now use my knowledge, gained from him and buzztouch, to assist other people at buzztouch. Now, I am one of the guys to volunteer my time to help other people at buzztouch. Having a disability did not stop or even limit me from creating an App. If one older guy with a disability can create an App through buzztouch so can other people with a disability. I want to reach out to people with a disability and help them learn new exciting adventures in building an App.

Facebook Launched New Friend Location Tracking App, “Nearby Friends”

Facebook recently launched its new friend finding location service called “Nearby Friends”. This service can help you find a person in your friend list and within one mile distance. The service is based on GPS and not on internet connect ion in which IP address is being located. If you and your friends are online and connected to GPS then you can track your friends under one mile. The drawback is that as your friend will go out of one mile then you cannot track your friends. You can also trace your friend’s movement and speed at which the y are moving. However, you need to make sure that you are logged into Nearby Friend. Privacy policies have also been maintained and it will be on users to check whether they can be traced through Nearby Friends.

The best part is that you can now trace your friends in Airport, railway station and bus stations, where there is no street addresses. However, it will be possible to trace your friends in all locations. Work on GPS started in 1973 and was fully implemented in 1995. Over the years, it has been used extensively and now we do have ADSB as well that’s a new project that is going to come up.

Various Facebook apps have been developed though this one seems to be a special one. GPS is one of the most amazing sensational technologies that have been used by so many apps. Now, Facebook has cashed out of technology and done great wonders for friend group to trace their identity among themselves. This is not an app.

You just need to have following things in mind while you use this service:

Your friend needs to accept the privacy policy.
Your friend should have the Facebook app installed.
Your friend should be located within one mile.
If you fulfill all these requirements then you can trace that friend. It is not clear right now that friends online on desktop can be traced or not and that might be clear from next press release from the company.

The best part is the GPS usage and that has made the feature independent of the IP address. Facebook has the maximum number of users and hence “Nearby Friends” is going to help a lot of friends. Now it is possible to trace from Mobile, Smartphone and Tablets.

The feature is now active but you need to activate the features before using it. Once you will activate the feature you can use it and trace your friends. The fundamental behind the feature is satellite tracing. Signal is being received from the satellite and is being transmitted over the space to the required destination.

Now Facebook is going to be richer with more features and none of the GPS app is going to be required now. This will be great for Facebook and it does appear that more and more users are going to join the Facebook and tune into their friend group, better trace themselves and be connected according to their requirements.

App, Which Can Bring Heaven to Earth

There are so many apps that you can think of right now. Most of them are meaningful as app stores seldom allow any developer to build an app that is not meaningful. Food, railways, flights, radio, TV, utility bills, gas connection, electricity and water happens to be the requirements that are a must for all people. These can make the life of a person quite heavenly and if not present can turn their experience on earth as hellish. Would you like to live in a hell? No one is going to say yes when being asked such type of question. Previously, you were required to pay the bill and in country like United States, you never felt sorry for any service if you have made the payment. In countries like India as well things have now become quite normal and if you have made the payment then you are safe. Though, due to global recession, things have looked quite miserable for past few years since 2008. However, there is one field that has kept the market lively and that is IT sector. App development is a new era concept and above all fields have tempted app developers to make the app on them. These are the apps that can make your life heavenly.

App development has been quite influenced by utility bills. Each state in India has their own electricity departments and they all have apps now. Soon you might find responsive apps as well for each of them. Things have definitely changed and you now have a huge number of apps. There are some sites where you can find only Indian apps though the app market of the whole world is right now governed from cities such as San Francisco. However, you can sear ch for a site which is then linked to these app stores. Various websites are having information about apps and you can find a long list of apps on each of these sites.

These heavenly apps, however, are not free, though, one from government is definitely free. You need not pay for apps that are related to electricity board and you can download them for free or small cost on most of the occasions. Apps related to food are not free though. Various apps are being made for professionals. I heard one politician saying that they want a new type of app. suppose, some missing child is found and he is in search of his father. How good it would be if we can scan children photo and then trace his parents’ location through online data store where all the details like Adhar details or the SSN in United States are being stored. This is definitely a great idea and I feel most of the developers must have started thinking about one such app.

These entire app can turn the whole world into a heaven, though one field still remains unnoticed, though, is the most important requirement to make the world a heaven. Yes, that is security and so many app concepts arise out of security requirements. Once, we have all these apps, we can then assume, that we are in a heaven.

5 iPhone Apps that Pay You for Using Them

app storeNow the iPhone app store is not somewhere where you get a lot of free apps. The quality and standard of the apps dictate a fair price. But there are apps out there that actually pay you for completing a certain task. Here is a list of such apps.

#1: Surveys on the Go

You read headlines everyday about jury trials, Fortune 500 companies, election campaigns. Ever thought you could make money by providing your opinion? Survey on the Go pays its users $0.25 to $5 for providing your reviews on certain topics. All you got to do is own an IOS device, make an account and download this app. You can make easy pocket money every single day.

#2: Shopkick

Are you an avid shopper? Well if you are, this app is for you. This app recommends a list of stores that you must visit and check out certain products in those stores. You can earn more by buying these recommended products. You can earn ‘kickbucks’ by visiting stores, scanning products and buying them. So if you’re after that $10 Gift Card, you’re not far off.

#3: Checkpoints

This app pays you for watching videos and scanning barcodes. Can life get any better? You can redeem your points to get cool offers on gifts from Walmart or, American Airlines miles, electronic gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. You can even donate to charity from the points you make on this app.

#4: IconZoomer

This app is going to pay you for taking specific photos and uploading them and sharing your reviews for various market products. Each photo you upload will get you 25 Euro cents that will be paid to you via PayPal. Will a high number of users and excellent user reviews, this app is a must have if you’re looking for some quick cash.

#5: GymPact

Now this app is very innovative and out of the ordinary. It pays you to stay fit! Users have to make a pact on GymPact for a week to go to the gym every day and exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you miss out on one day, you will have to pay a penalty. Each day you can get from $0.50 to $0.75 for working out for a minimum of 30 minutes.

This was a concise list of apps that can help you make some quick in easy cash on the side for that tattoo you’ve always wanted to get or to buy that special dress.